Soft Landing Stables

Horses for Lease

Soft Landing Stables offers a variety of horses for lease.  Leases range from $300-$550 per month and include 2-5 days of riding per week, use of SLS facilities and amenities. SLS prefers that riders who lease horses ride in their own tack. Tack may be rented from SLS if needed for $50/mo. based on availability. Riders who rent tack are responsible for loss, damage, repair and proper cleaning of tack. Lessons are additional and required with some horses, preferred with riders

All riders who lease an SLS horse are required to wear an ASTM/SEI certified helmet at all times while mounted. SLS does not offer helmet rentals.

Please note that SLS strongly encourages all boarders and lessees to seek to enhance their skills. In order to support an environment of continual growth for both horse and rider, SLS requests that all boarders and lessors take weekly lessons with one of our resident trainers in dressage, hunter/jumper or pleasure riding. Please visit our "Lessons and Training" page for additional information.
NOT AVAILABLE: Soft Landing's Standout

Stan is a super, super fancy imported black Hanoverian who is ready to  teach a skilled dressage mount.  Stan is 16'1.5 and 11 years old. Requires a soft-handed, soft-seated intermediate or better rider. Trained in Germany to 3d level. As a five year old had national placings in Germany at 1.10m and 1.20m.
Half-ease is $450/mo. Stan is currently being half-leased and loved by Francine who we at Soft Landing adore.


Soft Landing's Geronimo is no longer with us. He passed in Dec., 2018 at the ripe old age of 25. He was farm owner Bonnie Erbe's first horse and dearly loved by the many riders and re-riders he helped into the show ring. For now we leave up his information, as a tribute to the great teacher he was.

Geronimo is a 16' 3-3/4" TB-Tobiano gelding who is very safe and great for an adult re-rider. In his day Geronimo took many championships throughout VA, MD, and PA, including wins at Blue Rock, qualification for local day at the Washington International Horse Show and Gittings finals. With years behind him, Geronimo is now the perfect horse for instilling confidence in re-riders on the flat. He no longer jumps. His half-lease is $400/mo. including 3 rides per week and one dressage lesson per month with our classical dressage trainer.   ___________________________

Soft Landing's Markedly

Zack (barn name) is a great grandson of the renowned sport horse sire, Art Deco. He is well-mannered and a treat to ride for an intermediate or better dressage rider with kind hands and a steady seat. He knows how to come from behind and throw out his toes like nobody's business as you can see from the videos below. His half-lease fee is $400/mo. which includes one monthly lesson with our French classically-trained dressage instructor, Michel Gauthier.


8 y/o 14.2h paint is being loved and leased by Katie below. He also gives a couple lessons to a few petite or child riders. He has a strong foundation in dressage, but wants to hop over a little jump every once in a while too. Lucky's trainer says, "He is a joy to be around and when you're on him he truly feels like a full size horse! He is very sensitive to the balance of his rider and can get quick, but even when he is having a pony moment he is a blast to ride."

Jumping with Olivia: 
Jumping with Sid & Olivia: 

Please call 703 944-9456 if interested

8 y/o 14.3h paint looking for an independent, intermediate rider at/under 150lbs for an on-farm half or full lease. "Lucky Day" was rescued from the New Holland auction in 2013 and has been winning hearts ever since. Lucky's trainer is going on maternity leave, but he wants to keep working & learning! Lucky specializes in taking

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