Soft Landing Stables

Lessons & Training
Soft Landing Stables' has two resident trainers and one who comes in from outside every other week. Michel Gauthier and Allie Allen are our resident trainers. Michel trained at the Cordon Noire outside Paris and remains friends with many of the trainers there. One is Jean-Paul Magnen who offers clinics occasionally when he is in the United States. He offers lessons in Classical French dressage but can also train riders over fences. Allie trained equestrians at Cornell's athletic program while she attended Cornell. She hails from Maine and is the sweetest, friendliest person you will ever meet. She is adored by her many students.

Elizabeth Madlener, who was short-listed for the 1980 Olympics in Dressage, graces Soft Landing with her presence every other Sunday and is available to give high-level dressage riders the help they need to keep advancing and honing their skills.

Each of our trainers offers private and group lessons to ensure both horse and rider receive the attention and instruction they need.



Soft Landing Stables unfortunately does not offer school horses for lessons.  Lessons are only available to riders who board or lease at Soft Landing Stables.

Please note that SLS strongly encourages all riders to continuously build their skills.  In order to support an environment of continual growth for both horse and rider, SLS requires all riders to join our weekly lesson program. SLS can only accommodate riders with a desire to join our lesson and show program.

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