Soft Landing Stables

Alexandria & D.C.'s closest A1 Stable for hunter/jumper/equitation horse lessons, horse boarding, horse leases and horse training

H/J /E lessons offered by Wendy Powers of Capitol Stables: only trainer this close to downtown DC and Alexandria with experience at two Olympic barns and decades on the AA circuit 

Aerial of Soft Landing Stables taken by Sid Hatcher, father of Olivia, a star student trained by Wendy Powers and earlier by Allie Allen.
In the bottom left corner you can see the northern end of Piscataway National Park, 5,000 miles of trails. On the top left you see Piscataway Creek, a tributary of the Potomac River, both of which are accessible through Piscataway Park.
Services and Fees

Soft Landing Stables offers an array of a la carte and package services tailored to meet the needs of both horse and rider.
Please note that SLS strongly encourages all riders to continuously build their skills. In order to support an environment of continual growth and safety, SLS wants all riders to join a weekly lesson program with our on-site trainer. Please visit our "Lessons and Training" page for additional information.


Full Board
$650per month

Executive Field Board - $550 per month


* Assigned Stall (Full Board Only)
* Turnout (w/ Run-In for Field Board)
* Orchard/Grass Hay (Twice a Day and as much as horse owner wants)
* Buckeye Grain (Twice a Day)
* Supplements (Provided by Owner)

* Blanketing (One Blanket,
   Additional Fee Applies for
   Multiple Blankets)
* Holding for SLS Farrier
* Holding for SLS Scheduled       
   Routine Veterinary Care  
   (Vaccines/Coggins Clinics)
* Use of SLS Facilities and Amenities
* Designated Space in Tack Room

* Parking for One Trailer

Other Services

Mane Pull:
Mane Braiding:
Tail Braiding:
Low/Mid Trace Clip:
High Trace Clip:
Hunter Clip:
Full Clip:

SLS Half-Lease on Private Horse:
SLS Tack Use:
(please see Horses for Lease
page for additional details)

Lessons 1x/week:
(please see Lessons page
for additional details)

Extra Blanketing:





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